Tenants ‘running risk of repossession’

Those who rent a home run the risk of their properties being repossessed if they do not keep up with payments, it has been warned.

It comes as four charities called upon the government to give more protection to tenants that could become homeless.

Commenting on this, the National Landlords Association (NLA) noted that many buy-to-let investors only fall into debt management problems if their occupants default on the rent.

Head of communications for the organisation Simon Gordon said that tenants are in “immediate” danger of losing their homes if they fail to pay on time, as well as putting the landlord “at risk of losing their livelihood”.

However, the NLA backed the charities’ campaign, stating that it is “absolutely right” for tenants to be protected from the threat of repossession.

Citizens Advice, Crisis, Shelter and the Chartered Institute of Housing have urged the government to implement a change in the law to do this.

By Jamie Price


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