Tenants ‘must be protected from repossession’

Charities have called for a change in the law to prevent tenants being put out on the street when their landlords have fallen into debt management problems.

Citizens Advice, Shelter, Crisis and the Chartered Institute of Housing have urged the government to alter legislation in order to protect people renting homes from being made homeless through repossession.

They claimed that workers have seen cases in which bailiffs have turned up at people’s rented properties and began putting their belongings outside while changing the locks.

Adam Sampson, the chief executive of Shelter, noted that many landlords are having difficulties with mortgage arrears.

The charity has seen a “steep rise in the number of tenants who have kept their side of the bargain by paying their rent but who are being thrown out onto the street”, he commented.

Citizens Advice has also launched a new survey seeking the views of people who have had problems in accessing legal aid for issues such as debt advice.

By Jamie Price


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