Brits ‘will aim to be debt free’ in 2009

A large proportion of Britons will work towards becoming debt free in 2009 rather than focusing on more traditional new year’s resolutions such as losing weight, it has been suggested.

In a poll carried out by Halifax Credit Cards, 57 per cent of people making resolutions stated they intend to review their finances.

The company noted that the dawning of a new year can be an appropriate time to tackle debt issues and unveiled a new online credit card deal.

It includes a zero per cent interest offer on balance transfers and purchases for nine months.

The deal could be used by borrowers as a method of debt consolidation, stated Alan Brindley, the head of Halifax Card Services.

He said: “The card is ideal for customers who would like to reduce the cost of their spending or even reduce the cost of outstanding debt through a balance transfer.”

Consumers splashed out on their credit cards in the period between Christmas and New Year, according to research by Barclaycard Payment Acceptance.

By Jamie Price


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