CAB issues unsolicited debt management call warning

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has issued a warning to consumers about unsolicited phone calls from debt management firms.

Teresa Perchard, director of public policy at the information charity, claimed that such cold calls can be misleading, particularly when agents give the false impression that they are linked to independent debt advice organisations .

She dubbed them “intrusive and disconcerting” and urged people receiving these calls to take action right away.

“Anyone getting unsolicited calls from companies they don’t know or who they haven’t asked to call them should discontinue the call and register with the Telephone Preference Service,” Ms Perchard remarked.

Her comments were made following the news that the Office of Fair Trading has cautioned ten different companies that they could be the recipients of formal enforcement action if they do not cease making calls of this nature.

Ms Perchard suggested that she fully supports the regulator’s decision.

By Chris Trimble


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