Larger payments “can make a big difference” to debt

Consumers can make themselves debt free significantly quicker by increasing the size of their repayments, an online comparison site has suggested. gave the example of a consumer owing £1,000 on a 16.9 per cent APR credit card, stating that with monthly payments of ten per cent, they could clear the debt in a year plus the additional £79.16 interest.

Those paying the minimum of two per cent, however, will accrue £151.74 in interest during the same period, while only reducing the balance to £920.60.

By comparison, someone repaying at a rate of five per cent will cut the balance by about £400 and generate £30 less interest.

“A small increase in monthly payment can make a big difference to the time taken to clear your debt,” said.

Earlier this month, advised those in the buy-to-let property market to pay back as much of mortgages as they can afford to take advantage of lower interest rates.

By Chris Trimble


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