CCCS points to ‘credit card confusion’

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has suggested that people around the UK could be making their own personal finance situation more difficult by using multiple credit cards.

According to organisation, consumers who use a number of credit cards for different purposes can often find themselves being confused by how much they have borrowed and from which provider.

The CCCS has also claimed that having numerous plastic cards to choose from can lead some people to detach from the reality of their debt management position, which can leave them vulnerable to problems with repayments.

James Ketchell, a spokesperson for the CCCS, said: “There are plenty of reasons why people may have numerous cards, but it can become confusing and people really have to stay on top of their credit card spending and their finances as a whole really.”

Mr Ketchell’s comments came after research by Datamonitor recently established that that the typical UK consumer has twice as many credit cards as the average European.


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