CCCS: Recession depression is concerning

The number of people experiencing feelings of depression as a result of the economic downturn has been described as a “complex problem” by the chairman of a debt charity.

Malcolm Hurlston of the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) made this observation following recent research from Aviva UK Health, which indicated that 23 per cent of firms believe the credit crunch to have had a lasting effect on staff stress levels, while leading to a hike in long-term absences.

He noted that recession depression will have an impact on health trusts, financial bodies and advice centres, as well as companies, adding that the CCCS is aware of the “emotional toll” of the downturn.

“The more depressed a person becomes as a result of their money worries, the harder it is for them to deal with them,” Mr Hurlston continued.

Meanwhile, it was recently suggested by chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo that money worries could lead to physical pain experienced in the neck, arms and back.

By Sarah Adie


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