New debt helpline launched

Those experiencing debt problems or other financial concerns may find the launch of a new helpline useful.

Introduced by consumer watchdog Which?, the scheme provides those who ring in with product comparison tables, an advisory service and further guides regarding money.

It is being operated on a full-time basis by eight advisers who have been trained to the same standards as those regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Chief executive of the body Peter Vicary-Smith noted that the recession emphasised the shortage of suitable services for people looking for “truly independent, unbiased, free help and guidance on all aspects of personal finance”.

“We saw a need to fill this gap for our members with our own money helpline,” he continued.

According to the organisation, the programme – which was piloted last year – has helped over 3,000 Britons already.

Which? itself also provides information on a variety of subject matters, ranging from hospital food to testing household products and is committed to offering impartial counsel to the public.

By Sarah Adie


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