Church looks to ease debt woes

Church groups in Wales are looking to have a positive impact on how people living across the province manage their money, according to reports.

Members of the clergy are being given lessons in how best to help their flock avoid the prospect of debt management disaster and to initiate what it is hoped will become a “money revolution”.

Religious figures in Welsh towns and cities are also hoping that they can steer people with serious debt problems toward professional advisers when appropriate and help local communities to develop more responsible spending habits.

The diocese’s parish resources adviser Richard Jones told the Western Mail: “It’s not about the church suddenly preaching a puritan lifestyle – we all have a responsibility to live within our means.”

“Perhaps we need to go back to basics,” he added.

Last week, Vince Cable, economic spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats, called on the government to take action to stop the spiral into debt management disaster that is affecting so many British families.


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