Church offers debt advice

The Church of England has launched a number of initiatives designed to help and advise people struggling with debt management problems in the UK, it has emerged.

Part of the church’s website is now focussed on helping indebted Britons come to terms with the extent of their finance problems and to take some steps to tackle them.

A spokesperson for the church suggested that many people have a need for straightforward advice to start solving their debt problems and that issues arise not because people are borrowing, but because they are overspending.

In reference to the online debt advice service, the church’s spokesperson indicated that it had been introduced in recent weeks because Christmas is a particularly common time for Britons to overstretch financially.

“It is simply basic common sense that can help people analyse if they have got a debt problem and give them some basic advice as to what they could start to do about it,” he explained.

In common with the Church of England, the Citizens Advice charity sees January an especially difficult time for Britons with debt management concerns.


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