Consumers want ‘more for their tax money’

With the country’s debt management concerns continuing to mount up, the finance website has claimed nine out of ten UK consumers would like the government do more with the money they recive form the taxpayer.

And based on an online survey of close to 2,000 respondents, concludes that council tax, stamp duty and inheritance tax are among the most unpopular with British citizens.

“People want to see tangible benefits in return for the money they pay in the form of taxes,” said David Kuo, head of personal finance at

“Nine out of ten people are disappointed that they are not getting value for money. It is a terrible indictment of the government’s wasteful use of tax revenues.”

Continued council tax rises, which can contribute to an individuals debt management problems, is a subject of conversation for 65 per cent of British adults, according to a recent study from


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