Debt advice companies receive govt funding

Those struggling with debt management issues may be buoyed by the news that the government has pumped some more funding into the debt advice industry, with £4 million going to agencies and court desks across the country.

Housing minister John Healey noted that people who work in the sector are often “the unsung heroes of our campaign to help people avoid repossession”.

He went on to say that, be it on the telephone or in person, “the service they provide is a vital lifeline for those who feel that repossession is just around the corner”.

According to Communities and Local Government, such services have been useful in the past 12 months, with court desks taking 36,000 cases on.

And more than 100,000 families have been given free advice from charities and councils.

This comes as the latest move from the government to help those in debt.

Directgov – the nation’s official website – recently announced that it will offer assistance by posting relevant, impartial and up-to-date information on its pages, as well as detailing ways to consolidate debts and work out budgets.

By Sarah Adie


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