Debtors helped by energy wars?

Those struggling with debt management this Christmas may benefit if they move to a different energy supplier, as firms compete to offer the cheapest tariffs.

According to, companies are moving quickly in order to undercut each other and npower has just introduced a new plan that will cost, on average, £907 a year.

Energy expert with the website Will Marples remarked that online deals are often cheaper than others and can offer annual savings of around £300.

“This is where consumers should look to get a good deal and to cut the cost of their energy,” he said.

Mr Marples went on to note that people “must help themselves” by opting for these, as figures from Ofgem show that only five per cent of households are taking advantage of lower rates.

This may be good advice, as recently reported that action taken by the energy regulator will result in an extra £4.30 a year added onto bills.

By Sarah Adie


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