Debt ‘impacts’ family relationships and health

Many Britons have admitted that their relationships and health are being affected by debt and financial worries.

According to, 45 per cent of adults in the UK are experiencing this, while 12 per cent said that money concerns are a real burden, a figure that climbs to 17 per cent among people aged between 35 and 44.

It was also seen that nearly one million cover the cash point screen when making withdrawals to hide their bank balance, while five per cent of young people take money out without checking accounts.

Chris Tapp of Credit Action – which, alongside the Consumer Credit Counselling Service and GE Money Home Lending, makes up – said: “Unhealthy attitudes to money are causing severe problems for more than 20 million of us, with people suffering depression, illness and relationship breakdown because of money issues.”

This follows a recent Scottish Widows survey that revealed 23 per cent do not feel they are prioritising their partners as much as they would like because of money troubles.

By Sarah Adie


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