Debtors ‘still at risk’ because of energy consumption

People in the UK may risk exacerbating their debt problems because of their lack of awareness regarding energy use and consumption.

According to the latest statistics from, ten per cent leave their heating on during the day to warm empty homes ready for their return from work, while 22 per cent of those with pets do so to keep their animals cosy.

Commenting on the fact that 37 per cent turn their boilers on before adding extra layers of clothing, head of energy with the website Gareth Kloet noted that “winter doesn’t stop when you go through your front door”, adding that jumpers are as good inside as they are out.

He went on to state that “the simplest and quickest” method of bringing down energy costs is seeking out the best tariff and company.

This comes after predicted that such bills could climb to an annual figure of £4,733 by 2020.

By Sarah Adie


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