Debt ‘increasingly a conversation topic’

Concerns over falling house prices, rising inflation and debt management have put money matters on Britons’ lips, with new research finding that more people talk about financial issues than politics, celebrities or sport.

According to the survey from Alliance & Leicester Savings, 50 per cent of people said they have recently discussed money issues with their friends, family and workmates, compared to 46 per cent for politics and 40 per cent for sport.

Ewan Edwards, head of savings at Alliance & Leicester, said: “Our survey reveals money matters have a firm place at the forefront of people’s minds at the moment.”

However, it seems some Britons are not so keen on discussing their financial issues.

According to recent research by private bank Carter Allen, 44 per cent of people have lied to their partner about the cost of a purchase, while 11 per cent of people in the north have a secret credit card debt.

Those wishing to confront their money troubles and become debt free might like to consider debt consolidation as an option.


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