Debt ‘puts strain on family relationships’

Those in debt may see the bonds they enjoy with their relatives put under strain, as research has indicated that financial difficulties cause family relationships to suffer.

This is according to policy adviser with The Family and Parenting Institute Carena Rogers, who called on the government to offer further support to such people in terms of benefits.

She noted that her organisation would like to see leaders of the country “putting as much effort into ensuring the most vulnerable get their unclaimed £16 billion worth of benefits as they do into chasing benefit fraud”.

This, Ms Rogers further observed, costs just £900 million annually in comparison and she went on to say that some people have lost faith in the system, which is why they do not claim tax credits.

She was commenting after the Citizens Advice Bureau published a statement saying that 27 charities are asking the government to implement targets to improve the take-up of welfare benefits and tax credits.

By Sarah Adie


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