Debt concerns affecting love lives, survey shows

Britons’ relationships appear to be suffering as a result of the recession, with many admitting that other factors such as money and potential debt are getting in the way.

A survey conducted by Scottish Widows revealed that 12 per cent of people feel they must concentrate on making ends meet, while 23 per cent state they are not prioritising their partners as much as they would like to.

The Priorities of Life index also indicated that 36 per cent are anxious that they are neglecting their relationships, although 52 per cent would like to make their partner a main concern.

Savings expert with the company Alison Morris said: “By looking ahead and planning their finances now, people can spend more time focusing on the important things in life.”

However, those intending to spoil their loved ones on Valentine’s Day may like to limit their expenditure, as recent research from Yorkshire Bank has shown that UK adults will spend just below £5 million on the occasion.

By Sarah Adie


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