How to use music to stay debt-free

People hoping to avoid debt at all costs may like to consider how music can affect their moods.

According to, there have been various studies revealing that music can influence financial behaviour and it was noted that people tend to be more frivolous when they like tunes that are playing overhead.

Author of Sound Advice, Music’s Affect on Life, Health and Happiness Rick Notter stated that people should make purchases to tunes of their own choice and he recommended steering clear of records with lyrics, as these can be distracting “when you’re trying to clear your mind and block out influences”.

Mr Notter suggested that people attempting to steer clear of debt or consider how credit cards and other products will have a long-term effect on finances listen to instrumental music with between 60 and 80 beats per minute.

His book can be found on Amazon, which has said that the writer offers readers strategies and techniques as to how to use music to improve everyday life.

By Sarah Adie


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