Debt woes ‘can lead to vicious cycle’

The pressures of dealing with a heavy debt management burden can lead to a vicious cycle of unwelcome problems, it has been suggested.

A spokesperson for a Citizens Advice bureaux (CAB) in East Cambridgeshire has indicated their concern that debt problems can cause relationships to break down, which in turn can lead to further financial difficulties.

With this in mind, the Citizens Advice’s representative told the Ely Standard that consumers who are struggling with financial problems should seek debt advice from appropriate professionals as soon as they can.

Beverley Howard, manager of the CAB in Ely, commented: “We have seen a record number of people with debts and relationship problems.

“In the last couple of months we have helped clients with over £2 million of debt.”

Last month, the CAB claimed that subprime mortgage lenders are undermining home ownership around the UK.


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