Divorcing Brits forced to co-habit?

UK adults currently going through divorce proceedings may be being forced to live with their soon-to-be former partners for fear of falling into debt as moving out proves unaffordable.

Research conducted by Shelter found that almost 25 per cent of people admitted that either they or an acquaintance have had to continue living with partners because doing so alone is too expensive.

Director of policy and campaigns Kay Boycott remarked that these situations are sure to increase the pressure already found in circumstances of relationship dissolution.

“As a nation, we have accepted the way housing costs have risen hugely over the last few years, but are we ready to accept the human cost this brings?” she questioned.

It was also revealed that approximately 6.6 million Britons stated that the expense of housing has instigated arguments with family members.

Utility bills are becoming a pressing matter as well, as moneysupermarket.com’s Scott Byrom recently observed that the 1.8 million people in the UK currently in debt to their energy suppliers is “concerning”.

By Sarah Adie


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