Internet ‘better’ to settle utility bills

Those with money worries may find that their debt management issues are somewhat eased if they use the internet to find and pay for their utilities, as price cuts have been seen on the web.

This is according to’s Scott Byrom, who noted that gas and electricity tariffs will continue to be a “hot topic” over the next 12 months.

He noted that people who have been heading online to settle financial matters with energy companies have enjoyed paying less.

However, Mr Byrom continued, such cuts “have not been passed on to those who pay quarterly by cash or cheque and get paper bills”.

“We expect this differential to widen further in 2010,” he said.

And earlier this month Mr Byrom described the number of people in the country who are currently in debt to their fuel providers as “concerning”, as figures from the website revealed that 1.8 million people are currently in arrears.

By Sarah Adie


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