DIY ‘costing Brits millions’

Doing it yourself can be a costly way to improve a property and could even result in more debt management difficulty, recent research has suggested.

Millions of people around the UK are facing financial hardship and DIY disaster can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, according to figures from Halifax Home Insurance.

Home makeover TV shows have inspired many thousands of Britons to try and refurbish their own properties, but these endeavours have cost a collective total of some £350 million, Halifax reports.

“It all looks so simple on TV, making it easy to forget that the work on makeover shows is being carried out by highly trained and skilled professionals,” said Vicky Emmott from Halifax Home Insurance.

“But if you don’t know what you’re doing we’d advise anyone planning any major improvements that DIY should really stand for Don’t Involve Yourself.”

Figures released by recently showed that average disposable incomes among UK consumers are at their lowest levels in a decade.


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