Money is ‘Britain’s biggest taboo’

As debt management problems pile up for millions of UK consumers, new research has found that money-related matters are now the number one taboo subject in the country.

Price comparison firm reports that debt management issues have meant more people in the UK would now rather talk about politics than about their financial situation.

But the company suggests that not talking about money could ultimately lead to more financial misery and potentially debt disaster for some consumers.

David Kuo, head of personal finance at, commented: “By not talking about our finances, we’re bottling up all those money worries and debt concerns, and this isn’t doing us any good as a nation.

“If we were more open with our partners, parents and friends about money then we’d realise that talking about our finances can help save us cash and ease the pressure of certain financial situations.”

Citizens Advice revealed recently that record numbers people are approaching its staff for debt advice in England and Wales.


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