Elderly people ‘should consider working in retirement’

Those entering into retirement – and those already there – ought to contemplate taking up work during their twilight years, an industry expert has suggested, as a way of boosting their incomes and perhaps prevent them falling into debt.

Andrew Harrop, head of public policy for Age Concern and Help the Aged, noted that “to keep working in later life can be highly beneficial for older people”, as it can provide additional income and delay the drawing of a state pension.

Furthermore, he stated that – for those capable and willing – the decline in the standard of living experienced by many people upon retirement can be prevented through supplementary finances.

Mr Harrop’s comments come after the Daily Mail reported that those who remain inactive after leaving their jobs are increasingly at risk of health problems such as heart attacks and cancer. The elderly in part-time work are also less troubled by mental health issues, according to the news source.

By Sarah Adie


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