Debtors ‘should use internet’ during postal strikes

Brits have been advised to turn to the internet to handle financial payments during the upcoming postal strikes so as to avoid incurring fees – a recommendation that could prove particularly useful to people struggling with debt management.

Chief executive of the Payments Council Paul Smee said: “It’s worth taking five minutes to work out what bills, invoices or cheques you might be expecting in the post”, so as to make any necessary alternative arrangements.

To prepare for the strikes on October 22nd and 23rd, the organisation stated that debtors may benefit from looking at their last bills to see what other methods of payment are in place.

It also proposed customers consider setting up regular direct debits to prevent falling into avoidable arrears.

The Communication Workers Union recently received a rejection from Royal Mail regarding the body’s resolution proposals, which deputy general secretary Dave Ward stated was an indication that the postal service is not trying to reach an agreement.

By Sarah Adie


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