‘Work suffers’ because of debt

Debt management problems are affecting people’s ability to work, the results of a new survey have revealed.

Findings from talkaboutdebt.co.uk’s study indicated that 29 per cent of those in serious debt have taken a leave of absence of up to six months.

And one in five admitted that the stress caused by debt issues has rendered them incapable of returning to work.

Independent financial journalist with the firm Jessica Brown commented that “the impact [of serious debt] is incredibly far-reaching” and something needs to be done when stress levels “cause lack of sleep and time off work”.

The research also indicated that debt stress is leading to disrupted sleep for 61 per cent of employees – a figure that rises to 75 per cent for women.

Earlier this month, a review from the Money Advice Trust showed that debt is linked to mental health problems, with around one-half of debtors possibly suffering from some form of illness.

By Sarah Adie


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