Football fans ‘being priced’

Figures from Virgin Money suggest that close to 16 per cent of fans whose team play in the Premiership cannot afford the price of a season ticket and the number of supporters being priced out in all divisions is rising.

The researchers note a five per cent increase in the number of fans who now consider the price of a season ticket to be out of reach compared with last year’s figures.

Furthermore, around 50 per cent of all the supporters who do plan to pay for a season ticket are convinced that the related costs are too high.

Virgin Money spokesman John Franklin said: “Football clubs have to understand that fans can only take so much.

“High ticket prices, pricey merchandise and matchday programmes are all contributing to an ordinary fan’s regular costs. Loyalty should be rewarded, not exploited.”

Meanwhile, thousands of fans of Liverpool Football Club are preparing to make what could prove to be a costly trip to Athens to see their side take on AC Milan in the final of the European Champions League.


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