Fuel poverty warning

According to the price comparison website, the number of people struggling with energy debt management has risen by 765,000 since March to reach 6.4 million, with the amount of households in fuel poverty standing at 5.8 million.

“The average energy bill has risen from £735 since the start of the year to £1,013 today and the number of energy customers struggling to pay their bills continues to escalate at an alarming rate, with an additional 1.25 million consumers estimated to have fallen victim to fuel poverty this year alone,” states uSwitch.com.

This year has seen 13 price increases by the six main energy suppliers, yet while profits have soared, the website claims that customer satisfaction has decreased.

Such is the level of increases, uSwitch.com estimates that a quarter of homes are struggling with fuel debt management, while 2.8 million pensioners are facing fuel poverty.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at the website, said: “Consumers want value for money and a drop in prices.”

Any consumers looking for advice on how to pay their utility bills should click here .


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