Tories launch new debt site

Through an “inner tosser” – someone who tosses money away recklessly the Tories claim that many young people were getting needlessly into debt, with those in Northern Ireland and eastern England most likely to do so.

A Conservative spokesman told the BBC: “Sometimes it’s necessary to use provocative language to grab people’s attention and get them thinking about important issues.

“If our direct approach helps get the message of personal debt across and offers people some tips on how to manage their situation, the initiative will have been well worthwhile.”

The Tories’ latest debt management urgings closely follow calls by the shadow chancellor, George Osborne, for a radical approach to personal financial problems.

Visitors to the website,, can take an “inner tosser” test to determine their unnecessary debt levels.

Writing in the Guardian, Conservative leader David Cameron said: “These are new approaches for a new age, but ones that will continue to demonstrate the Conservatives’ commitment to confronting the problems our society faces today.”


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