Gaelic translation for children’s financial advice book

A book aimed at teaching young people about the importance of being financially responsible is now available in Gaelic, it has emerged.

The publication, titled On the Money, is part of a project launched last year by Standard Life, Learning and Teaching Scotland and the Scottish Book Trust with the aim of education children between eight and 12 about money.

Well-known Scottish writers were commissioned to write four stories on the topic, covering issues such as saving, earning interest, becoming debt free and effectively managing money.

Commenting on the launch of the Gaelic edition of the book, Jim Lally of the Scottish Centre for Financial Education explained that every Gaelic medium school in Scotland would receive the publication free of charge.

He stated the aim was to ensure “Gaelic speaking young people receive the same entitlement to develop their financial capability as their English speaking counterparts”.

Norwich Union recently called for young people to start saving sooner, stating that such a move is necessary in order to ensure they are financially secure in the years to come.

By Tom Musk


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