Help offered for energy customers

Consumers needing debt help due to rising energy costs are being offered a new service to help them reduce bills.

According to, almost six million people in the UK are on prepayment meters for gas and electricity.

But it added that nearly five million of these could save as much as £327 per year by switching to another plan.

The price comparison site is launching a service aimed at these consumers, giving options for changing to another meter deal or coming off them altogether.

“Prepayment meters are expensive and should only ever be treated as a last resort – but for many households they are the only option,” explained director of consumer policy at Ann Robinson.

National Energy Action recently noted that a growing number of people are facing the prospect of needing debt advice, as 5.4 million households are now in fuel poverty – defined as spending more than ten per cent of income on energy.

By Andy Mackay


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