‘Millions’ to be spent on Christmas parking

Shoppers who make one trip to do their Christmas shopping are expected to spend a total of £43.5 million on parking tickets this festive season, new research has found.

And a further £41.7 million could be added to that figure by those who make multiple visits to the shops, research from uSwitch.com has found.

The findings have prompted the price comparison website to urge shoppers to plan ahead to avoid parking charges – advice which might be useful to those looking to save money as part of a debt management plan.

Director of consumer policy at the company Ann Robinson explained: “This credit crunch Christmas it makes sense to plan any shopping trips in advance so you don’t end up wasting money on car parking fees.”

The figures follow research from Direct Line, which revealed that Britons are not planning on spending less over the holiday season despite the economic downturn.

By Tom Musk


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