Holidaymakers aiming to ‘avoid debt hangover’

Millions of British holidaymakers are making efforts to avoid having a debt management hangover when they return to the UK.

Fear of overspending and debt management woes are thought to be among the major reasons why pre-paid plastic cards are becoming increasingly popular around the country.

Dozens of pre-paid cards are now available in the UK and Virgin Money insists that using one can help travellers to maintain their financial discipline while enjoying themselves on holiday.

“Pre-paid cards remove the temptation to run up debt while you’re on holiday as you can only spend the amount that is loaded on your card,” said Virgin Money spokesman Grant Bather.

“Everyone needs to keep their spending under control as the credit crunch and soaring inflation take a big bite out of household budgets.”

People finding it difficult to become debt free need to be realistic about their financial situation and stick to a strict budget, Cheshire Building Society said last week.

By Dan Mather


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