Homemade lunches ‘can help save money’

UK employees should bring homemade meals to work instead of purchasing lunches while out of the house, a waste campaign charity has stated.

Julie Falcon of the Love Food Hate Waste initiative said that it “doesn’t make sense” to buy shop-made lunches when ingredients at home can be used to make a meal.

And she noted that while the individual cost of a lunch may not seem like much, it can amount to an “awful lot of money”, especially when people are trying to save during the credit crunch.

“You do have to make a deliberate effort to look into the fridge and see if you could put a lunch box together out of something,” she explained.

Such a tactic may wish to be incorporated into a debt management plan for those wanting to get control of their finances during the credit crunch.

Ms Falcon’s comments follow recent research by Love Food Hate Waste, which found that £5.5 billion per year is being wasted by employees who leave food at home to go off by eating shop-bought lunches.

By Tom Musk


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