Insulation scheme ‘could help with fuel debt’

A supermarket has launched a new service that could help households save money on energy bills and reduce debts.

Tesco is offering the scheme – that usually costs £199 but will be free for over-70s and those on benefits – in order to aid people in cutting their fuel costs.

It will insulate lofts and wall cavities, which can save energy and lower a home’s carbon footprint.

David North, community and government director for the firm, said the deal is an investment that is worth making.

“There has been a chill in the air these last few days and people are starting to switch their heating back on. We wanted to offer a simple and straightforward service to help them get ready for winter,” he added.

In a recent study, Money Expert found that people living in the north-east had to allocate more than four per cent of their total budgets to energy bills.

By Jamie Price


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