Motorists ‘considering car sharing in order to lower debt’

More people are contemplating taking part in car-sharing schemes in a bid to lower expenses, it has been claimed.

A survey from AA Insurance has found that 47 per cent of the public are now considering sharing their car journeys with others, largely due to the rising cost of petrol.

It could contribute towards debt management by reducing outgoings, the organisation stated.

The president of the AA, Edmund King, remarked: “Car sharing is something that we really believe in – not only is it a good way to reduce emissions and congestion on the road, but can also save on motoring costs.”

Travelling to work was one of the most popular reasons for sharing a car -however, drivers should check their insurance policies to ensure they are covered for business use, the company said.

Recently, Defaqto warned consumers against cancelling vital policies such as motor insurance as a way of lowering debt.

By Jamie Price


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