New qualification for debt workers

A new qualification has been launched for financial workers that could help them to be effective at advising people about debt management.

The ifs School of Finance has announced that it expects to achieve a target of 1,000 registrations for the subject before the deadline in October.

It is hoped that the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) level four Diploma for Financial Advisers could be completed by dedicated students within six months.

Head of financial regulation Mark Roberts remarked: “This unique qualification will test and develop skills, as well as technical understanding, ensuring advisers not only have the necessary knowledge but that they can put it into practice.”

He added that the level of the qualification being set at QCA level four was an “added bonus”.

Scottish Widows recently called for better education in order to provide a higher understanding of general finance matters.

Young people could be better prepared for the financial world as a result, the organisation claimed.

By Jamie Price


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