People ‘putting themselves at risk of debt’ by cutting travel insurance

Millions of Brits are putting themselves at risk of incurring large debts by not taking out travel insurance, a financial company has claimed.

Research from American Express Insurance Services has found that 24 per cent of the population are planning to go on holiday this year without taking the protective measure.

The organisation warned that this could mean 14.5 million people facing the possibility of having to pay thousands for medical fees or repatriation.

“Should something happen, the current economic market means that the last thing Brits need now is an unexpected bill,” remarked spokesman Chris Rolland.

He added that if people cannot afford to protect themselves, they should reconsider whether to go on holiday in the first place.

It comes after thousands of holidaymakers were stranded abroad after travel company XL declaredbankruptcy. Airline bmi announced it was offering special repatriation rates to those that were affected.

By Jamie Price


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