Men ‘bigger spenders’ than women

Men are likely to spend more than women when shopping, according to one personal finance website.

David Kuo of stated that although men shop less frequently than their female counterparts, they are more likely to pay over the odds for a product as they are not as good as spotting bargains.

He also noted that women generally control the finances in a relationship, meaning they may be more likely to implement a debt management plan in order to limit spending.

“The woman is actually the person who is looking after the household budget more often than not,” he explained.

And Mr Kuo advised those who are looking to avoid overspending when they go shopping to take a female friend who is sensible with their money as company.

According to a YouGov poll conducted for the Skipton Building Society, almost half of British males believe staying out of a relationship is the key to saving money.

By Tom Musk


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