Women ‘worry more’ about finances

Women are worrying more than men about financial issues, a new study has found.

Research from health insurance firm Bupa has revealed females are becoming more stressed over the issue than their male counterparts, with six out of every ten stating the credit crunch has left them worrying about their financial situation.

“Women are certainly bearing the brunt of Britain’s stress both at home and in the workplace, and the situation is being worsened by the impact of the credit crunch,” deputy medical director for Bupa UK Health Insurance Dr Paula Franklin stated.

And she urged those worrying about issues such as debt to take regular exercise, sleep well and eat a balanced diet, calling for women to take “positive action and ensure you don’t become another stress statistic”.

A new Axa survey has found nearly half of those aged between 25 and 44 have lied about their finances.

Allison Green of the firm called for Britons to take a “proactive” approach to debt management.

By Tom Musk


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