Millions of Brits ‘can’t afford to celebrate Valentine’s Day’

Close to three million Britons have confessed to being too financial stretched to spend any money on their partners for Valentine’s Day, it has emerged.

According to recent research by, as many as one in three of the 33 million people in a relationship around the country will not be splashing any cash on their loved ones on what for many is the most romantic night of the year.

With millions of consumers struggling to become debt free, the findings of the latest study have been attributed to the pressures being put on household finances around the country and not a lack of affection.

“Valentine’s Day is traditionally a time to splash some cash, but with consumers tightening their belts this year romance may be in for a rocky ride,” said Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at

A poll carried out by YouGov on behalf of KPMG recently found that there are at least seven million British consumers struggling to manage their debts.


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