New debt advice centre to be launched

A new debt advice centre is to be launched in the south of England with the aim of helping local people regain control of their personal finances, it has been revealed.

The Southern Focus Trust and the Citizens Advice charities are to establish what will be called the Community Legal Advice Centre in Plymouth in an effort to stop the region’s debt management problems from spiraling further out of control.

According to a report from the Portsmouth News, local Citizens Advice experts have helped consumers deal with close to £20 million worth of debt in the past year alone and the centre will help meet the demand for their services.

“Demand for debt advice in the city outweighs supply,” explained Simon Lawson, chief executive of Portsmouth Citizens Advice bureaux.

“People are waiting six weeks for advice and getting into more debt as time passes by.”

Rachel Lacey, editor of Moneywise, recently insisted that personal finance lessons in schools would help young Britons avoid the kind of debt problems that have become so common around the country.


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