Money worries ‘affecting nation’s health’

The health of over ten million people in Britain is being put at risk by the rising cost of living, it has been claimed.

Spiralling inflation, debt, and basic living costs have meant that the public cannot afford to look after their wellbeing according to insurer PruHealth.

Its survey found that one in five people are turning to less expensive convenience foods in the wake of the credit crunch. It added that 12 per cent now buy less fruit and vegetables than they used to.

Respondents said that cost is a barrier to taking part in exercise – 14 per cent stated that they could not afford to participate in keep-fit classes or sports activities.

Marketing director Katie Roswell commented: “The worry is that the progression from credit to health crunch may worsen as people reduce outgoings.”

In July, there were increases in food inflation for vegetables, bread and cereals, the Office for National Statistics reported.

By Jamie Price


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