Money worries causing physical pain, survey shows

Those in debt and concerned about their financial situations may be at increased risk of physical pain, new research has suggested.

CreditExpert and chartered physiotherapist Sammy Margo have identified a new phenomenon – recession strain injury – the symptoms of which include neck and arm pain, pins and needles and back pain.

With Ms Margo reporting a 25 per cent increase in stress-related injuries in her clinic, CreditExpert believes that a potential cause for this is financial pressure, with YouGov figures showing that 6.8 million Britons feel they owe more than is manageable.

Ms Margo noted that tightening of muscles and going into spasm is a “typical response to stress”, adding that prolonged periods of anxiety can exacerbate this and lead to aches and pains.

Debt was also recently linked to mental health issues, with statistics from the Money Advice Trust and the Finance & Leasing Association, alongside the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Rethink, revealing that around one-half of people in debt may also be suffering from poor mental health.

By Sarah Adie


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