New debt advice site for “ReallyWorried” people

A new debt advice community website has been launched – ReallyWorried About Debt – and new research on the issue has been released.

Over 9,500 people were questioned on ClearDebt’s website, making it one of the largest surveys undertaken in the UK.

A major finding of the study was a £3,150 increase in the average amount of unsecured debt since 2005. It now stands at £26,644.

In terms of age and gender, men over the age of 45 are need the greatest increase in their income to clear debt, owing an average of 117 per cent of their annual take-home pay.

Regionally, residents of east-central London and the City owe the most money – an average of £41,002.

ClearDebt is offering free advice to users of the website and supporting the “Funts – Financial Untouchables” campaign launched by ReallyWorried About Debt’s founder Richard Rubin.

David Mond, ClearDebt’s chief executive officer, said: “There are many thousands of people in Britain who are doing their absolute best to repay as much of their debt as they can afford, yet who are treated as funts by financial institutions.”

He went on to say people should seek debt advice and use services such as the new site.

Another supporter is Coronation Street’s Bev Callard, who has been in the soap as Liz McDonald since 1989.


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