Solving debt problems ‘a new year’s resolution’

Almost a third of Britons are intending to make getting out of debt one of their new year’s resolutions.

This is according to figures released by Go Compare, which found that 32 per cent of UK adults plan to do so.

However, seven out of ten state that they tend to break their resolve within six months and Dr Martin Hagger of the University of Nottingham noted that people must “be aware of the behaviours they need to change or introduce in order to produce the desired outcome”.

The poll also revealed that 48 per cent intend to save on outgoings, while 31 per cent are hoping to put more into savings accounts.

In addition, ten per cent have made moving home or buying a house a resolution.

This comes after a recent study by indicated that debt after the Christmas period is a reality for millions of people, as just 15 per cent have attempted to spread the costs of the festive season over the year.

By Sarah Adie


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