Students ‘expected to get into debt’

The Consumer Credit Counselling Service has said students are “expected” to arrange loans that could lead to £10,000 of debt once they graduate.

Spokesperson for the service, Frances Walker, has urged those about to start university to ensure they claim all support available, to remain debt free or reduce debt management problems in the future.

“Students need to make sure that they are getting everything they are entitled to, any bursaries or any additional living allowances that they are allowed because of their financial circumstances,” she said.

Taking a part-time job may also be useful if parents are not in a financial situation to help, she added.

However, debt may hit some students. Ms Walker recommended those with debt problems seek help, which is often available at university.

A product such as a consolidation loan may be suitable later on if debt persists.

Figures from Credit Action put the total UK personal debt at £1,444 billion at the end of June this year.

By Morwenna Kearns


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