Students and their families urged to look at finance options

While thousands of young people are considering their university options, one institution has urged school leavers and their families to look at the financial side of studying.

Dr Margaret Noble, pro-vice chancellor of Greenwich University, said there are “misconceptions” about the cost of degrees and financial support is available.

A total of 12 per cent of young people questioned by the university did not know what level of support there was available to students.

Commenting on this, Dr Noble said “there is a lot of help and advice out there” that students should investigate.

“I would very much advise students to think about contacting the various help lines that are available, talk to advisors and find out about that,” she said.

However, research has shown university can be an expensive time. Independent student website found the average graduate leaves university with £4,000 of debt per year of study.

For graduates concerned about personal finance problems, a product such as a debt consolidation loan may help.

By Morwenna Kearns


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