Students with loan delays ‘should tell university’

Students who are struggling to pay tuition fees or rent as a result of their funding being delayed should contact their university, it has been suggested.

According to the BBC, by October 9th as many as 175,000 undergraduates had yet to receive their grants or loans and the University of Bristol’s student funding manager has advised those experiencing problems because of this to speak to their institution’s income office.

Referring specifically to her own learning facility, Jane Fitzwalter commented: “The income office is well aware of the current processing delays and is treating all delays to payments sympathetically.”

She added that in some circumstances Bristol university is advising students to contact Student Finance England, although the body has indicated that all funding assessments should be completed by the end of this month.

According to, student debt has grown over the last few years and it is estimated that those starting at university now will graduate owing approximately £23,000.

By Chris Trimble


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